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Conceived and recorded on the industrial railyard fringes of Hoboken, New Jersey, Placed by the Gideons features 10 new hard-charging songs connected by one smoldering thread. The opening track (The Interstate) is a towering narrative that introduces two young and desperate characters on the run, seeking salvation on the road while struggling to make peace with a complicated past. Thus begins a fugitive odyssey through dead-end towns (Peekskill) and into the great american west (Stolen Tags, Breaker Breaker), where the two meet their ultimate fate. Lighter themes like breakups, summertime, and youthful defiance also feature in these characters’ travels via catchy powerpop songs (Two Kinds of People, Some Summer) that balance out the album’s weightier material.

Released in June 2010, Placed by the Gideons is the sophomore LP from Wormburner. Their debut album, A Hero’s Welcome(2006), was produced by David Lowery, frontman for Cracker and Camper van Beethoven. A 12-song tirade melding smart lyrics with driving guitars and vintage Moog synthesizers, A Hero’s Welcome drew stellar reviews and earned Wormburner an enviable schedule of East Coast shows that established their reputation as one of New York City’s most bombastic live bands.

Wormburner will be playing the Mercury Lounge on 12/10 for their 4th annual Christmas show.

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Bells of St. Ignatius

A Christmas Single by Wormburner

Cover of Bells of St. Ignatius single

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Engineered and mixed by Alan Camlet with Pete Thompson at Hoboken Recorders in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Song by Steve Henry, Teenage Waistband Music Publishing [BMI]




"Bells of St. Ignatius is Wormburner's answer to The Pogues' Fairytale of New York" - Time Out New York

"...astounding....Henry sounds like other vocalists that are neither from his genre or time.....the stories combined with the scenery make [Wormburner] new and, to this point, unmatched. Four stars." - Anti-Music

"A Wormburner show has much in common with amphetamine-fueled soul's refreshing to find a band like Wormburner who so clearly believes in the power of the classic pop song to lift a room full of people clear off its foundation." - New York Press

"Wormburner is one of New York's best rock bands. Period. Power-pop to a tee and not a slip up in the repertoire." - Sonic Parthenon